Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter is here!

Hello family,

This week we have been driving into Billings a lot! Its about 100 miles round trip to Billings. We had to drive in on Thursday morning because we had a broadcast that we had to be at. That went out to the whole mission. That was broadcasting from our stake center. We were the first ones to arrive there, they asked if any of us knew how to play the piano and I said that I did. So then they asked me to play the prelude for the broadcast!!!! I was going to be seen playing the piano on hundreds of screens!!! It was pretty nerve wracking at first but then I forgot about it and I played pretty well. 

After the broadcast we found out that we would have to drive down to Billings the next day too! So on Friday we had to go down again for a zone conference! The zone conference was very interesting because they split us into three groups and had us figure out how we could solve the problems in the mission that they gave us. Each of us was a "council". 

On the way back to Roundup after the zone conference, we passed a car that was off the side of the road. We passed by it and the farther that we got away from the car. The stronger that we felt that we should go back and offer our help. When we got to the car. We found out that it was a less active that lives in Roundup. We asked what was wrong with the car, they said that they ran out of oil and the car seized up. So we called some other elders that were in town to see if they could run to the gas station and pick up some oil for the car. They  did and we put the oil in the car and it still wouldnt run. We gave them the oil for free. Then on the way back after stopping to help, We noticed that there was a huge crack that went from the bottom right corner of the windsheild in an arch to the bottom left of the windshield. We called the mission office and we are getting it fixed this Wednesday. We dont know how it happened. It was probably the heat of the inside of the car and the cold of the outside. and then a rock hit it or something. 

Then on Sunday we had to drive in again for a priesthood leadership meeting. We are trying to save up our miles, so we set up plans to get a ride down from a member. But then when the time came that we had to leave. Our plans fell through and we eventually had to drive down. We were going to go down to Billings on preparation day. But since we had already driven a bunch this week. we are not being able to go in to Billings. We are trying to figure out what to do here in Roundup. There is not much to do. Being in a small town is pretty hard. 

hopefully ya'll are staying warm. because its getting pretty winter-like here. 

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