Tuesday, December 16, 2014

first week in December '14

This week was a pretty rough week after the zone conference on Tuesday. First off, when we were driving in to the Christmas zone conference, the Shepherd Elders called us to see if they could get a ride into town since we would be going the same route pretty much. So it seemed like a good idea to pick them up after meeting at a gas station and carpool together to the conference. I had a great time at the zone conference for my first Christmas on the mission. I really enjoyed playing an arrangment of o holy night for everyone. I practiced as much as I could, when there was time, but the nerves still got to me. But I thought that I did pretty well. The Christmas spirit was definitely present during the whole zone conference. One of the best parts I thought was when they showed pictures that missionaries families had sent to the mission home in secret. Luckily mine was not that bad. It was just a family picture, from the begining of this year. Most of the other missionaries pictures were some embarresing ones from when they were kids. They were pretty funny because all you would see was the persons picture without the name. and the missionary in the room quietly say, "OH NO..." then their name would show up and everyone would laugh. Because some would not even look like them! 
 After the zone conference we returned to the gas station to drop the Shepherd Elders off and to also switch so we could do an exchange. But, when we got to the gas station the Shepherd Elders car was not there. So we walked in and asked what happened to the car? They said that the car got towed a while ago, because it was sitting in a spot where you were not supposed to park. So we called the towing office and they said that they were closed for the day. So we had no idea what to do, so we called the zone leaders and did a miniature exchange for the night. Where just I would go with the zone leaders home, so each companion ship had one car and a tripanionship. Then the next day we got together again and went down in the morning to the towing yard to get the car. We didn't have any cash on us, and the problem was that they only accepted cash. So Elder Scott (the vehicle coordinator) came down and paid the fine. All of the fees added together was roughly $260 dollars! When we were waiting for Elder Scott to show up. I made the comment that, "it is easier to get into sin, but it is really hard to get out of it!" Which is true in this case because we simply parked wrong, and 260 dollars later we finally got out of it. 
Other than that, the exchange with Elder Wolf  went pretty well. we taught quite a few people and shared the "he is the gift" video with a lot of people. Everyone that we have showed it to has either gotten teared up or was crying at the end of it. that video is a spiritual powerhouse. I  love that video a lot because it softens even the toughest peoples hearts. But in Worden where shepherd elders live. and where I used to serve. There was a christmas stroll. Which is where you walk around town going to all the buisnesses and getting stamps on a paper and then turning it in. We went to a christmas tree selling business.They gave us a really good REAL christmas tree for free. They are not members but they always donate a tree to the Missionaries. It was good though because we walked around town and talked with people and got seen by alot of people. I think that we are the only missionaries in the world that have an actual pine tree. ha-ha There was a few churches like a free mason church and a Lutheran church that was on the list. We went inside and we thought that they were going to kick us out for being Mormons in their church. But they didn't, We talked a lot about gospel stuff and they were really friendly. 
Last night on Sunday we went over to the Dimmicks. We had a really good lesson with them. they pretty much believe everything that we believe. From the mouth of their own they said, " your church is trying to keep the gospel the way it is supposed to be and not changing it to whatever the worlds standards are." Which we both thought meant that he believed that this church is the only right church with the right beliefs, He just doesnt get the concept of the need of the book of Mormon. He absolutly LOVES having us over, but as long as he is progressing, then we will keep going over.

well that was this hectic...fun...week that I have had. I hope yours was fun as well.

-Elder Daniels

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