Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's Cold Outside!

Well this week was Thanksgiving! (as all of you should know. ha ha) We had 3 dinners on Thanksgiving! I am pretty full! I could hardly eat the rest of the day. For our last dinner, which was at the branch presidents house. We showed up for dinner and the branch president was laying down taking a nap. He was holding an ice pack on his stomach. He told us that he woke up and had a really bad feeling wrenching his stomach. So he went to the hospital and he got an appendicitis surgery. But he was able to come home the same day. It would be terrible to get an appendicitis on any day but a holiday? They got a pretty good sized deer in the morning too. When we went over, they were cutting it up. They were going to make liver and onions!

As we left their house we had to walk down a ramp that was iced over with a little bit of frost. On the way down the ramp. We both slipped and fell. And sadly enough, Elder Graham hurt his ankle. Me being an eagle scout, evaluated the situation. I came to the conclusion that he sprained his ankle pretty bad. He could not walk on it, so i had to carry him out to the truck. Oddly enough everyone inside did not see or hear it happen? But we went home and I got some ice packs and we did what is called "rice." which is rest, ice, compress. and elevation. I guess it was a good thing that I was an eagle scout. Because every day till Saturday we stayed at home and took care of Elder Graham. We were able to have lessons though. Even though we did not see them in person, we would text them and teach them a lesson. So we were still doing missionary work, even though elder graham was out of commission until he could walk on it again. He is walking now with a little bit of a hobble. He was able to get a blessing by me.

The winter is here for sure I think. The weather is about -12 in the morning and the night. And gets to about 15 degrees in the afternoon. There is a picture attached on the way to Billings on Wednesday on what it looks like.

Other than that. Since Elder Graham was out of commission for a few days. I decided that I wanted to read the New Testament and read about the Saviors life since it is getting to Christmas. I hope to finish the New Testament by Christmas. I am already just about finishing up Luke. Now I just have to read from John to Revelations. Then I will probably work on the Old Testament. So I  would have read the whole Bible once and the book of Mormon many times on my mission.. My overall goal for my mission is to read all of the standard works before my mission ends. Its a pretty big goal, but I know that I can accomplish it.

Hopefully y'all have had wonderful Thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday season.
-Elder Daniels

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