Monday, July 6, 2015

ups and downs

Hey guys! 

This week has had some ups and downs. We have been teaching S. every Monday and  Thursday. She is doing so well. She always asks us what the next sunday school lesson will be in gospel principles so that she can study it. She is so prepared she will definitely make her date for the 18th this month! We went tracting on Thursday and we found a jewish lady who was really nice and she just moved from UTAH so she knows all about the church of Jesus Christ. she even said that her mom was jewish and her dad was a Mormon  We had dinner with the Mcfarlands house as well and they are doing so good. brother mcfarland is the nicest guy that you will ever meet!

Also this week, President and sister Mecham ended their mission on Wednesday and the new mission president came in on Wednesday as well. our new mission president and wife is president and sister Wadsworth. (see attached picture) on Friday, all of the missionaries had to meet at the stake center at 7:30 in the morning so that we could all drive to Helena to meet the new mission president and wife. the drive was really fun. I got to drive the 2 hours to helena and the 2 hours back!  By the time that we got back I was not tired at all! We were going to have to drive to seeley lake after getting back to Missoula which takes another hour, but T. canceled the lesson. So if that lesson did not cancel I would have driven 6 hours in one day! The funny thing is, on the 2 hour drive to Helena, you are driving through our area for about 1 1/2 hours! our area is huge!!! President  Wadsworth is cool. He is way different than president Mecham, but it is good to have him here. 

Also, during the morning of the 4th of July, all of the missionaries had to get together at a park in Missoula because the Missoula stake puts on a breakfast for the whole community. All the missionaries helped serve the food while me and a few other missionaries cooked the pancakes and eggs. I didnt cook any pancakes but I cooked all of the eggs on a big grill. I think I am a master at making eggs now. 

Okay I might rant and vent here a little bit. haha! The 4th of July was probably the worst 4th of July in my life....since the weather has been really hot the past week, the city of Missoula and also Missoula county decided to OUTLAW fireworks because the fire danger was super high. I get that they dont want to have a forest fire, but what I dont get is that how are you supposed to have a 4th of july without fireworks?!?! If you dont have fireworks on the 4th of july than its just another day. They were so strict on having no fireworks that on the 4th of July that they had every police officer, even all the firetrucks, patroling around town looking for people that are lighting fireworks!!! I was pretty mad about that but what made it even worse is that they didnt even do the huge fireworks!!! I just cant believe that they outlawed fireworks!! Worst 4th of july of my life....

This week has been very interesting. Like I said, there has been ups and downs. 

Have a good week. 

Elder  Daniels

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