Friday, October 10, 2014

28th scout camp six months out in the mission field

This week has gone by really slow because we were already over miles for the month last month and we tried getting rides everywhere. We mostly stayed around Worden and Ballantine walking or riding our bikes. We have tried to go see Someone who we are working with to try and get him to stop chewing tobacco. He hasn't been home lately because his water heater was leaking and now he is staying at his parents for a while and we don't know where his parents live.

But on Wednesday we went and saw our investigators again. The past few times that we have met with the Family. Their son has always had a fit where he is swearing EVERYTHING at us and everyone else. We have explained, as well as 4 other missionaries that have worked with them, that if they read the scriptures with Him then he wouldn't have the tantrums any more. Just this past week they started reading together. And they said that he hasn't had a tantrum since. And we were like, "HELLOOOOOOOO! WE HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU THIS THE WHOLE TIME!!!" I know that scripture reading when times are hard will help you calm down. It works! That same day that we had met with the Family we saw a bald eagle off the side of the road. We thought it was cool so I took a picture. and it actually looked at us which was awesome.

On Thursday we got to help out with the wood splitting and delivering project that the elders quorum planned. We turned the 4 tons of wood that we cut last Tuesday into 10 trucks bed loads and two huge gooseneck trailers full, to take to peoples houses that need it for the winter. We finished splitting And delivering the wood in about 3 hours. The splitting went by so fast because we had 3 log splitting machines. It's crazy how easy those splitters split the wood. They can split the wood with 22 tons of force!

This week marks my six months out on a mission and also 2 of the 4 general conferences in my mission. I've noticed that this conference sessions were focused a lot on the sacrament and the grace of the savior. I hope that everyone has had some sort of revelation that they have received from this conference. Now since conference is over, we got a call that we have to wear our suitcoats. EVERY DAY!!! We get to wear them till the next conference in April.

Also, the new movie meet the Mormons is coming to Billings. For the past week we were instructed to tell everyone about the new movie to get it to be able to play here In Billings. But still, as missionaries, we are not allowed to be in or even around any movie theater. Elder Holland actually told us that. Not in person though. We were able to get it pre screened under the direction of the mission president. I would invite all of you to go and see it when you can. to find out where the nearest movie theater has it. go to and find one near you. Go and see it.

Hope you've all had a great week and a great conference. Till next week.

-Elder Daniels

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