Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slow Week

This week was pretty slow. On Wednesday we went to district meeting and my companion was feeling really sick. He woke up and was fine until it hit him like a brick wall in district meeting. We went home from district meeting early because we didnt want to have everyone else sick. But we still called into the district meeting, so we could still listen to what was being taught. We got home and he took a rest while I studied and cleaned up the apartment. We didnt do anything for the rest of the night until the zone leaders came over to see why we left district meeting early because they did not know why he was sick. Then the  next morning he felt better, but still didnt feel well. We were able to go to dinner and see some less actives and that was about it. On Saturday we got to go to the
Lyons for breakfast. They are in charge of checking the cleanliness of the apartments and cars. They try and feed all the missionaries in the zone at least once a transfer. We had pumkin spice french toast.She said that she looked up the recipe on pintrest. If you want to, you can look it up and make it yourselves?  After the breakfast we got to go to the primary practice so that I could help out. There was nobody there to lead the music so they asked me to lead. But on Sunday I just held up the pictures and words. But also on Saturday we helped the Cranford's split wood they got, with an ax. Yipee! It was fun but I got a bad blister too. Our investigator, who we helped take down the motor in his car, was at church this Sunday for the primary program. He had a good time but couldn't stay the whole 3 hours. Other than what I  have just explained, that is about everything that is happening this week. Its getting about 25 degrees in the morning now here in Montana. WINTER IS HERE!!

How much wood would an Elder chop if an Elder could chop wood?

-Elder Daniels

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