Monday, April 27, 2015

Pretty good week

Hello family

This week was a pretty good week. On Wednesday we had a lesson with E. who is on date for baptism. We taught the gospel of jesus christ lesson and we brought a member with us that recently came off of her mission about a year ago. the lesson went really well. He said that he really wants to come to church now. 

On Thursday we went tracting the whole night after dinner and we Tracted into a southern baptist preacher!!!! we simply talked with him and he said in his own words, "you can for sure come back next week and we will talk." when we left we talked about what he meant. We hope that it will not be bashing session because none of us really know the bible to well like a preacher.. I have been trying to finish the new testament since thanksgiving and I'm only in 2 corinthians. We asked for some help from a previous mission president/stake president in Seeley lake, on what to do if it becomes a contentious bible discussion. He helped us understand what to do, becuse it's not our purpose to argue doctrine, but to help people come closer to Christ and to a be able to have that personal relationship, and have better understanding of his importance and share our knowledge of the restored gospel.

We had a lesson with E and his brother J. on Saturday as well. but the whole time we were answering questions that were super deep doctrine! It was an intense lesson and when we left my mind was 
fried. The rest of the night I was still trying to process what was taught and everything that was explained in that lesson. that was probably the deepest doctrinal lesson that I have been in.  

Yesterday, Sunday, we both had the opportunity to speak in church. We both talked about unity and I focused on unity between the members and the missionaries in missionary work. I focused my talk on the general conference address be elder Chi hong Wong of the 70 which was called, "rescue in unity" it was a good talk. I also played the intermediate hymn. but I played a solo. played the "I  am a child of god" arrangement and everybody loved it.  Besides all of that we were very excited that E came to church by himself!!! He really liked church and EVERYONE in the ward said hello to him and welcomed him. 

Today during my studies I finished the book of mormon for the second time on my mission. Tomorrow I will be starting my third time reading it. Here is a poem that I wrote literally on the spot right now.

The book of mormon is true, and it is also blue. 
The church is true too, through and through
and if you dont believe it, then go and read it.
 Pray To find out if it is true
peace out!

I know that this is probably the worst poem that you have ever read because you cant rhyme the same words together. 

But other than that, this week was very busy. There was a lot of stuff to write about but I chose the things that were the highlights of the week. Have a good week. I ll send some pictures that I took this week. and you'll have to upload them to photo bucket if you want. Try and get all of the pictures off
of there and see if you can make a slideshow or something you can. 

-Elder Daniels 

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