Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hump day week one year in the field!

Clinton has been a little tough McKade misses Forths and the family E he was teaching there. 

This week has been a lot better. This week we had a zone conference that lasted from 9 until 4, the stake relief society made us lunch. It was a very long day for everyone. On Friday since we had very limited miles left for the month. We pulled out the bikes and rode them all over. We were so tired! We rode 6 miles one way to our dinner and then rode back. On the way back we stopped at the T. family's and asked if we could have them come to a lesson with us sometime, she then took some pictures of us on our bikes and then we went on our way. When we got back to the apartment we took a small nap because we were so tired. Then we got on our bikes again and rode down another 6 miles and tried to go and contact some people. While we were walking around trying to show people the new "he lives" initiative video for Easter we had no success, but on the way walking back to our bikes we saw a lady and Elder Rowley looked at me with determination in his eyes that he was going to share the video with her no matter what. But we were super far away from her and we tried to catch up to her and what happened next was a miracle. She stopped to tie her shoes! So we walked up to her and she was not in a good mood so we said that the video would make her day better. Every time a religious person tries to talk to her at the door she wants none of it so she said that it was a miracle that we met her on the street because she needed us to talk to her because she just got out of a fight with her spouse. She thanked us for meeting with her and she gave us her number and said they we could stop by anytime.
We asked if we could pray with 
her before we left and she said sure and she offered the prayer and she thanked God for us happening to 
meet with her and the message that we brought. At the end of the prayer she was crying pretty hard. She was definitely touched by the spirit. Later that night we had a little fireside campfire with some members
 and a recent convert. It was really good and you could feel the spirit. Haha! "the spirit of God like a fire is burning" 
On Saturday we decided to save more miles so we walked everywhere in east Missoula and we tracted from noon till 5. We had dinner at a members home and we had steak and potatoes, typical montana dinner. After dinner we went tracting even more and we didn't find anybody until about 7:30. When we knocked on the door the mom opened the door and she is not a member but she asked if we were hungry. We were not really hungry but that was a chance to get inside the home to share the gospel so we said yes. She let us inside and her whole family was home and they made a Vietnamese soup called, "pho gá" which means chicken. It was really good and authentic because the soup was made with ride noodles and we ate the whole thing with chopsticks! Really cool. We then taught them the restoration and they were really open and feeling the spirit. When we left they wanted to feed us even more sometime soon. That was pretty cool. 

On Sunday night we had dinner with the T. Family agian. After dinner we had some arm wrestling competitions and me and Elder Rowley went against each other and he thought that he was going to win But when we started, the whole time we were totally even. we didn't even budge and it ended up in a tie. I'll have to get the picture from them because it is pretty funny. 

This week was pretty good. I hope that yours was good as well. 

-Elder McKade Daniels

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