Sunday, June 21, 2015

washing Rvs in Missoula

Hey everyone,

This week has been a pretty interesting week. Since elder Rowley got the call that he was leaving, He stayed up pretty late packing because he would have no time to pack during the day. From Sunday to Tuesday we visited members that elder Rowley wanted to say goodbye to. On Wednesday we drove in to Missoula to meet all the missionaries at the stake center who are getting transferred. When the missionaries left there was only a few of us that were not getting transferred, and we didn't know what to do so we drove around Missoula and went shopping. I didn't get my new companion, elder Hubbard, until 2. Elder Hubbard is pretty cool! He is from Corinne, UT. He is one of the missionaries that came from part of the South Dakota Rapid Cityy mission which got adopted into our mission. He has been out 10 months. We were not sure on who was supposed to drive because I know the are and he doesn't,  But he technically is supposed to be the driver no matter what. So we asked the zone leaders who should be the driver, They said to switch off every day. 

On Thursday we met with the P. Family who we tracted into a while ago. They were outside enjoying the sun and the summer weather. (see attached picture) We sat down with them and started to talk with them and the mom had some questions. J.P. the son, had some good questions like, "what is the right way to pray?" and "what is baptisms for the dead and how does that work?" they were really good questions! We started to teach them the restoration lesson and it kinda wasn't too focused near the end, But we were able to set up time every single week to meet with them. They are still a super solid family.

We went up to seeley lake on Friday to teach T. Daniels. We were able to teach her some of the commandments and we were able to set her on a baptismal date for the first day of August

On Saturday we finished our studies and then went into east Missoula to go to the carwash that the young women were doing to raise money for a camp. We got our car washed and then went and helped them. It was a good activity because elder Hubbard got to meet most of the members and We were seen by a lot of people. There was a lot of big cars and even an RV and some semi trucks came and they washed them. 

It was a good week. 

-Elder Daniels

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