Sunday, November 29, 2015

one more freezing cold transfer i'm staying

This week was an interesting week. It seems like I have had a lot of
interesting weeks here in Cutbank. It felt like we were so busy, but
we didnt have a whole lot of lessons. We had another lesson with
M. on Monday. She is a really good investigator because she asks
a lot of questions as well as she accepts everything that we are
teaching and she believes it all. She had struggled with reading the
book of mormon in the past, but last time we met with her she wanted
to have a chapter that would "give peace to her soul", as she said it.
Last time we taught the plan of salvation, so we gave her alma chapter
40 which talks about the afterlife. When we came over last monday, she
said that she read alma chapter 40 and she loved it so much that she
read on to almost chapter 42. Its too bad that she is not technically
progressing because she has not came to church yet. We keep inviting
her but she is always busy on Sundays, but she is trying to come.

On Tuesday, we went to Browning to go and see some of our
investigators there, but the wind was really bad when we got into
Browning. It was so bad that we could hardly stand up straight just
walking. If we stood up straight, then the wind would blow us back off
our feet. We tried a few people but with no success, we just went back
to Cutbank. But the wind had picked up there as well. We had a really
good lesson with sister K, and her husband in their trailer house
(which we thought was going to blow apart) but we read a passage of
the book of mormon and the sprit was definitely there. She usually
interrupts us during the lesson and goes off some really long
tangents, but that lesson she didnt talk at all!
We didnt do a whole lot on Wednesday or Thursday because elder Masauo
was not feeling very well. So again, all I did during the day was just
read the scriptures and studied. It was a really long day for me, But
I learned a lot!
On Friday we went back to Browning and we tried to see C. again,
but to no avail, She was not home again. It is so frustrating when
this happens. But we also tried to see D, but the whole time we
were there, Everyone was running around doing different things. We
never got to a lesson, but right before we were going to leave, D's
wife  started asking us questions relating to the afterlife part
of the plan of salvation. So we taught her and shared some scriptures
from the book of mormon as well as some mormon messages. The spirit
was definitely there, and the distractions were less than before. We
then had a dinner with the W. family who live WAY north of
Browning. They probably live 10-15 minutes from the Canadian border.

On the drive back home, the wind was starting to pick up and blow snow
across the road which already had a lot of ice on it already! It would
have taken almost an hour to drive home, but we went slow and steady
to be safe. It almost took an hour and a half to get home.
Sunday was interesting at the church in Browning. About halfway
through the sunday school class, some people walked in to the church
and sat down, I could tell that they were not members. So the first
thought that I had in my mind was, "sweet! we just got some new
investigators!" But after church, we were talking about it with the
member who we got a ride from. He said that he has been in there many
times before because all he wants is money. So it kinda ruined my
hopes of getting a new investigator. The numbers in church have been
depleting every single week. People are moving out almost every week.
I dont think that it is because it is winter and they are turning into
snow-birds. I think they are actually moving out for good.

Well that was my week. I hope that your week was better than mine
because not much has been going on here. We are trying to keep the
work going here, but it does not help that we cant find people during
the day because they are all working or in school. Also, that the sun
is going down just before 5 every day and people do not want to answer
the door because it is dark. This time of year is always hard to do
missionary work, but we always try our best. We also got out transfer
calls this past week and we are staying in the coldest place in the
nation for another transfer!

Elder  Daniels

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