Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lets get stuck

     Mon, Jan 11, 20166:44:23 PM                                                                   Hey everyone!This week was an interesting week. Ever since the transfer call where we are both staying again. I have felt this interesting feeling near the beginning of the week. It was a feeling that I have never felt before. I tried to figure out if it was a feeling like I should not be here this transfer (because I've always felt that I needed to be in my areas that I have been in). Or if it was a feeling that I am entering into my second to last transfer on my mission. It has somewhat gone away now, but I still think about it. There was not much that happened during the beginning of the week. We only had to switch cars with the Shelby sisters on Tuesday because one of them was transferring and they needed a car with a bike rack. So in the past three months, I have driven 3 different cars because we have switched around a lot.One of the good things that happened this week was that we were fed pretty much every single day of the week. The interesting thing was that we were fed by the same member Thursday-Sunday. You can take guess as to which member that is. (hint: only $2.50 and 22 minutes!)but instead of feeding us pizza every night, he actually cooked meals that were really good! He really loves feeding us Because it gives him the Desire to cook. For instance; on Saturday he fed us a HUGE plate of pasta, then 20 minutes later he fed us a HUGE piece of cake along with tons of ice cream! He always asks if we have dinner the next day,we say no and he says, "come over" or "see you tomorrow evening"On Wednesday we had some appointments set up that the other missionaries found on the 1st when we blitzed Cut Bank. But sadly,they both fell through. We went back a few days later and taught one of them, but the other we don't know what to do because her mom was there. Before we even knocked on the door she opened it and demanded to know  what we were doing. We told her and she proceeded to say,"well I am Catholic and my daughter is not  going to be interested because she has a lot on her mind and she is strong were she is at andis too young to understand different things."(but her daughter is-probably mid to late 20's) in my mind I was thinking, "well that is-great that you are Catholic and you say she is not interested. But we were here to talk to your daughter...not you" it was a good thing that I said that in my mind. We might stop by again sometime.I have been at a loss to what I should do in my studies now. I've read the standard works, the church handbook, Jesus the Christ(which I finished this past week by the way), preach my gospel many times,along with the Book of Mormon Multiple times. Studies are kinda getting boring now. I've started reading the Book of Mormon again along with the Book of Mormon student study manual. It's got quotes and different things about certain verses that helps me understand a little bit more. I'm not sure what I am going to do after that. I guess it is starting to turn into "same old stuff"On Friday we drove out to east glacier again. All elder Masauo wanted to do was to tract there for a few hours and then head back. (It is an hour drive each way) We got there and walked around town. We only knocked on 10-12 doors only about 4 answered. Then we drove back. We didn't have a whole lot of lessons this week. It has been pretty cold and in the negatives a lot. But we have been out doing work, just nobody wants to open their door to talk to us or let us in because its cold Also during the week, we went to sister Ks house to visit her. It turns out that she needed help from us covering up some cold drafts in her house. So we helped her and then sat down and talked for a little bit. She told us that these Jehovah witness ladies had stopped by on Sunday morning. She thought it was us and answered the door. She then told us that the ladies just walked into her home and said that they were going to take her to church. Sister K. said that they have been stopping by frequently and she does not feel a good feeling when they come over, but when we come over she feels at peace. Jokingly, we told her that she should invite them over when we come over, that way we would scare them away and they would never come back. We just laughed about it. Last thing, On Sunday we got a ride with a member of the Branch presidency to Browning. At the church in Browning, the snow has drifted across the parking lot. Upon leaving when church was over, the member said jokingly, "let's get stuck!" Then he proceeded to drive through the snow drift and ended up slowing down as he exclaimed,"shoot! We're stuck!" We all were laughing about it and we eventually got out of the Snow drift.Have a good week!Elder Daniels                      

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