Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snow Snow and more Snow

Hello!Monday Jan 18th

This week was probably the week were we had the least amount of lessons for investigators and less actives. But we had a lot of active lessons. The weather has also been pretty interesting lately.

On Tuesday we drove out to Browning, we had just got assigned on Sunday a few home teaching routes to help the branch out. The good thing is that we will be helping boost the home teaching numbers because we, being missionaries, go to people and teach them all the time. We will for sure get our home teaching done every month, it gives us something to do! So we tried to go and see our families we were assigned but none of them were home. We were driving to one of our families and there was another car leaving when we were arriving. The driveway was pretty small in width so I pulled off as much as I could without going to far off the road. The ground looked flat where I was pulling off to, so I was not scared of getting stuck in the snow because I figured there was not a lot of snow because it was flat And I could see the weeds poking out of the snow as well. But as I came to a stop so we could talk to the people leaving, I felt the car tilt a little bit to the right! At the end of the conversation we tried to pull out, but we were stuck! I tried all that I knew how, to be able to get out. But to no avail, we did not have enough traction because of the quality of the snow (way to slick). Not to mention that the traction control on the car did not help at all. As soon as I would start going, and almost be out, The traction control would engage and the engine would stop (even if I had the pedal floored), and I would still be stuck. Long story short, we got out about 20 minutes later with the help of the two guys we talked to earlier. We had to manually push it out because there was nothing to hook onto to pull it out. (That's why I hate cars in the snow, trucks always have something to be able to be pulled out if needed.) we ended up being late to a lesson with an investigator because of being stuck. 

On Thursday it snowed pretty good. It was a very wet snow, so it was really heavy! We went out and shoveled a few driveways and we were so tired by the end of the day because the snow was so heavy. All we have been doing is just shoveling snow because a lot of the people are not interested. We have been shoveling random peoples driveways and leaving a pass-a-long card hoping that persons heart will be softened to the missionaries. 

On Friday we had zone training in Great Falls so we had to leave pretty early in the morning. Lately every morning and night has been in the negatives and during the daytime it has been in the single digits to the mid-teens. I thought it was a really good zone training. 

Saturday we went out to Browning again and this time we drove there was a pretty thick fog. We tried to see a few investigators, but none of them answered. So we did not know what to do. We decided to drive out to the W. (active family) to go and see them. We stayed there and we played some games with them and had dinner. The whole time we were there it started to snow more and more. By the time that we left to go back home, there was already 2-3 inches of snow on the roads. What didn't help was that it was still snowing and the roads were not plowed at all. I could not see the lines on the road,  So we were driving pretty slow and I was using the blizzard reflector posts (or whatever they are called) to guide me so I could stay on the road. We managed to get home safely and I went right to bed because I was so tired from being alert and ready for anything that could occur during that drive. 

I hope that the weeks get better as we enter the second half of this transfer. I love serving my mission! I'm glad and sad as well that it is coming to a close! Have a good week everyone! 

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