Wednesday, January 13, 2016

If your knocking you don"t belong here!... have a nice day

Happy new year! 

2015 flew by so fast! I can't believe how fast my mission has gone! I had so many great experiences on my mission the past year, I met a lot of really amazing people. Even though 2015 was a really good year, it sadly ended with me fighting a little bit of a sickness. I didn't get super sick, I only had a little cough and a headache, it started on Tuesday. Even though I was not feeling very well, I still wanted to go out and work. I needed to stay home because I didn't want to get anybody sick, but I was not sick enough to keep me in bed. So we decided to go out and do random acts of service shoveling driveways and walks. That way we were still outside and being seen, while I didn't really have to talk with people and get them sick. It was much better than staying at home doing nothing. The other thing was that I was not really coughing and feeling sick when we were out working. But when we were home eating or at the end of the day, I felt sick again. We have been going over to this old lady's home and shoveling her driveway whenever snow comes along, the past few times she has came out to meet us(this is the lady that tried to give us money a few weeks ago). She is super nice. She has let us in her home to warm up for a little bit, she has been asking a lot of questions regarding our religion. We have been teaching her little bits and pieces every time we have came over. She asks more questions each time. I think her heart is being softened the more we teach her and the more we do service for her. I feel like she has potential. 

Wednesday was probably the worse day of my sickness battle. We went to district meeting and I was planning on receiving a blessing before district meeting because I was supposed to give a role play for district meeting. But that didn't happen. I ended up getting one during the break which was still okay because I was not giving my role play until after the break. After the blessing I actually felt much better. It felt like I was not sick anymore, I still coughed a little bit, but it was better than before. 

Thursday was another bad day. I was still sick about the same as Wednesday morning. But I felt better and better as the day went on. When dinner time rolled around, we went to dinner with brother C. again. We were supposed to have dinner with him and the B. as well. After dinner we did not have much to do, We stayed at brother Cs for a little bit and we played some games. It was not a great ending to 2015 being sick, but I did the best that I could. 

On New Year's Day the zone leaders and the Conrad elders came up to Cut Bank for the day to help us get some more people to teach and to get this area to progress. We all got together and we split up into three groups and picked parts of town and we blitzed the area trying to find as many people to teach as possible. When we got back together around dinnertime, we had collectively found about 5 people that would let us come back, 2 of which set up a return appointment. Other than the lessons that we had on New Year's Day, we only had about 3 lessons with investigators this week just by ourselves. The work has been getting slower and slower as the weeks go on. One lady that me and elder Asbury found was pretty interesting. Attached is a picture of her door. We respected the door and walked away not wanting to knock. But as we were walking away, the lady drove up! It's so awkward when they drive up as you are on their doorstep.
I wanted to avoid the awkwardness, so we walked away. But as I was walking away, I stopped and we turned around and went back and talked to her. She was super nice! She was offering us coffee but we politely refused. We told her that we did not drink coffee. She then replied, "oh yeah, that's right! You don't drink caffeine either." We told her that was actually false. She then tried to offer us tea. We politely said no as well. We then sat down with her and taught her the word of wisdom which was a first for me after just meeting a person. She took it very well and invited us back whenever. 

On Friday we went to Browning and we tried to see a few people during the day, but nobody was able to meet with us. We met with a active member that we had not visited for a while. We were there until about dinnertime, we were not planning on having her feed us, but she did anyways. After dinner we went tracting a little bit. We walked around and knocked on houses that had lights on. The first couple houses we found some people that would let us come back. Then we tried David again (after trying him in the afternoon) He was home this time. We talked to him for a little bit and then we went home. 

It has been a rough week for me. Battling sickness and not having a lot of work to do. We got our transfer news and we are both staying again. So we will have both been here together for 3 transfers thus far.

Have a good week!

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