Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Slow week

Hello all,

This week was pretty slow and nothing much really happened. We only taught one lesson, which was an active lesson. So this letter might be pretty short compared to the last couple weeks. 

One of the cool things that happened though was on Sunday. We showed up to church in browning and it was just a normal Sunday. Only about 14 people showed up to church. During the Sunday school lesson however. A member of the branch presidency got my attention and gave me his phone, which I took and looked at it. It had a message typed out on it saying, "j*** came up to me after sacrament and said that his girlfriend wants to get baptized and asked what they needed to do." (by the way, this is a different person than the two solid investigators that came last week.) Then I handed his phone back to him and he said in a tone of joy, "go to work!" So that was pretty cool that we had somebody that has been coming to church for a few weeks say that she wanted to get baptized without us teaching her first. So we are going to start teaching her and she will be on date for baptism and hopefully get baptized soon. Now the work is starting to progress and the members are seeing it. We now have 3 potential people that could be on date and get baptized soon, hopefully before I go home. Also during Sunday school, we were talking about eternal marriage and after the lesson one family wanted to start taking the temple prep class, another couple (more specifically the husband) wanted to know what he needed to do to get the priesthood so him and his wife could go to the temple and be sealed. 

This past Sunday was legit. We got a new investigator that wants to be baptized, and two family's that want to go to the temple to be endowed and sealed! What more could you ask for? There is nothing much to write this week. So have a good week!

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