Thursday, December 24, 2015

Week before Christmas service

Seasons Greetings!

This week was pretty good. We had our lesson with M. on Monday night and the lesson went really well. She told us that she understands now how the Book of Mormon explains more and answers more questions than the bible does. That is a HUGE step for her to know that! She now has a testimony of the Book of Mormon!

On Tuesday we went to Shelby for the doctors appointment for Elder Masauo. Even from the bloodwork,  they still didn't know what was wrong. The doctor said everything was normal. I have no idea either what is going on. We then went to browning to go and see T, but when we got there, she was sleeping. We rescheduled for Friday this week, She said that, "it would definitely work." We gave a blessing later that night to a member who is going in for a knee replacement. 

Wednesday we gave a blessing to another member who had a doctors appointment in the morning. Then we got ready to go out and do some service shoveling snow since it snowed the night before. We would go and shovel the persons driveway without telling them, and when we were finished we would leave a pass along card on the door. The last one that we shoveled was this old lady. Right when we were finished, she came out and told us, "stay right there", we both knew that she was going to try and give us money, which we were right. But she was astonished when we would not take the money. We told her that it is a service that we were doing. "Well, can't you give it to some charity or something?" She said. We told her that Jesus Christ served without getting paid and that we were representatives of Jesus Christ. "Are you sure I can't give you anything?" She asked. We replied in a kind tone, "gratitude is the best thing you could give. Merry Christmas!", and then we left. We then drove to Conrad to stay the night with the elders for the Christmas zone conference the next day. 

Thursday was a very long day. We had to wake up at 4 to be at the Great Falls stake center at 6:20 AM. I did not fall asleep the night before till about midnight. So I only got about 4 hours of sleep, and I was the one driving. I ended up having to drive all the way to Helena as well. The Christmas zone conference was amazing! It was probably the most fun that I have had in months! To start, Me and sister Stacey had no idea when we were going to play in the conference and we had planned to practice and warm up during lunch. But they called us up right at the beginning! It was not too bad though. During The conference, when President Wadsworth spoke. He said, "Christmas zone conference is the only time that dignity and decorum can totally be thrown out the window." He then demonstrated what he meant when we were all reading our letters from home. He came barging in the room and he starts yelling and saying that Santa was coming, it was pretty funny. We sang Christmas songs and all that good stuff. It's was a very long day. We did not get home till bedtime due to travels and eating. I was super tired. 

Not much happened Friday. We went to Browning and went to see T. again. Sadly, when we went there, Nobody answered the door (we knocked many times and rang the doorbell). There were people definitely inside the house, not to mention that their car was running outside. I think some people think we are not smart...

Church attendance was very small this week, probably because everyone is going out of town for the holidays. 

That's a day in the life of a missionary in Cutbank this week.
Happy holidays!

Elder McKade Daniels

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