Monday, December 28, 2015

A really big snow cave


This week was a much better week that the others since I have been here. Yes, it was Christmas and that is always good. But we had a lot more lessons than we usually do. You know about most of the week from the skype call, but I'll just write it again. 

We had district meeting on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. It was the most powerful district meetings that I have had in my whole entire mission. The spirit was totally there, no doubt about it! The zone leaders where there as well, one of them gave a role play on asking inspired questions. usually the first role play is a bad example and the second is a good example.  The first role play that he did, the person was not keeping his commitments and he wanted to do other "more important" things. One of the questions that he asked was, "well, is that more important than your salvation?" it was definitely the boldest thing that I have heard on my mission! The second role play was super powerful though. The spirit was definitely felt. Near the end of the district meeting we had a testimony meeting. Everyone (including me) bore their testimonies on the atonement. The spirit came stronger and stronger into the room every time someone got up. By the end of the district meeting, I felt like I was in the temple! District meeting ended up going just over 3 hours instead of the usual 2 hours. But it was definitely worth it. Then we switched companions and went on the exchange. Elder Pett came with me and we went straight to browning. 

The reservations are pretty interesting. There are dogs EVERYWHERE! They don't even care. You can be driving, and they will walk in front of your Car for no reason. Sometimes, they will be sitting in the middle of the road and you will drive up to them, and they won't even budge. One of the funny things that we saw while we were driving was a car driving around (that's not the funny part.) As we passed the car, we saw some kids on a sled that was being pulled by the car! So we took a picture really quick before they passed us. (Attached) 
we taught a few lessons there, which we normally don't do. Then we headed back to Cutbank. When the exchange was over the next morning. We drove all the way to Conrad to switch back. It was a really good exchange. 

On Wednesday we did not have a dinner. We went out during the day from 3-6 shoveling random peoples driveways we shoveled 4 then headed over to brother C. He is a really good member, he always asks how the missionary work is going and if we got fed. We told him that we did not have a dinner and we hadn't had dinner yet. He then got up out of his chair exclaiming, "Jimmeny Christmas!!" Walked over to the kitchen, and put in a pizza. While we waited for the pizza to cook we played a board game which I don't know the name of but here is a diagram of what it looks like. He made it himself. Each of the dots are holes where the marbles can sit. And there are 4 colored marbles that you use. It was a pretty fun game. 
Then the pizza was ready, he said that if we ever did not have a dinner, then we can come over and he can feed us "in 22 minutes and for only $2.50!" he is funny! He always complains how none of the members feed us. He says every time, "all they have to do is get $2.50, grab a pizza at the store, put it in the oven for 20 minutes and then have you over for dinner. It's not that big of a deal people!" 

Christmas was really good. It was pretty cold in the morning. And got colder throughout the day up until it was -20 at night. Skyping home for the last time was really good. 

On Saturday we went to East Glacier to go find some people since we had not been out there before. Some of the people we met were really surprised that we were out there. The missionaries had not been there for almost 20 years from what the people said. There was so much snow there! The cars were all drifted over with snow and had 2 feet piled on top of them. We met some Indian kids that recognized who we were. They were building a snow cave out of a giant pile of snow. So we offered to help them. We ended up getting to the point where we could all fit in the cave. It was pretty fun. We talked to them for a little bit before we had to head back for dinner.

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